Locker Room

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Locker Room

’I am a graduate student at an Ivy League school, and with the workload that entails, I don't usually have the time to go
looking for much adventure. But, this time adventure found me.

My friend Mike and I had just finished playing basketball at the gym, and while we were showering we were discussing whether we should head back to our office and work on our already-overdue assignments, or whether we should hit the grad center for a quick beer. It was only about 9:00, but since it was a Friday, the gym was practically deserted.

As we were toweling off and starting to get dressed, we heard female
voices drifting over the tops of the lockers, from the direction of the door. I figured that it was just some girls walking past on their way to the pool, and thought nothing of it. We continued talking and dressing, until a couple minutes later, we heard hushed female voices and giggles, which sounded like they were right in the next aisle. We looked at each other, and he gestured for me to be quiet. We both knew what we were thinking, and we quietly crept around the end of the lockers to see a group of five girls standing there, all but one in some state of undress, whispering to each other. From their sweatshirts, we could tell that they were all pledges from Tri-Delt, known on campus as the "Look But Don't Touch" sorority.

We quickly ducked back out of site, and hurriedly discussed the
situation. "What do we do?" I asked. Mike's answer was simple and to the point: "We fuck some babes!" And these girls were babes all right.We quickly pulled our clothes back off, wrapped towels around our waists, and headed for the next aisle, where we could still hear the girls. As we rounded the corner, we were greeted by five muffled
screams, as we feigned /surprise/">surprise ourselves. Let me describe what we saw before us:

As I've mentioned, there were five women there, all extremely hot. At this point, three of them were completely naked, two of them holding swimsuits and the third bending over to pull one out of her gym bag, giving me a double eyeful of one of the hottest, roundest asses I've ever seen. Of the naked girls, there was a brunette, about 5'5", with a lean, taut figure, small round breasts, a matching small round ass, and legs that seemed to go on forever. The other one holding her swimsuit was a very tall blonde, probably close to six feet tall, with her hair in a single long braid. At a quick guess, I'd say she went maybe 38-23-35, with /nipples/large-nipples/">large nipples that were already hardening. The girl bending over was also a blond, of medium height, who had also put her hair in a braid for swimming. I stood there with my eyes glued to her ass, until she straightened up and stared straight back at me. She could have been a sister to the first blonde; she had the same /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts and slim waist, but her ass was slightly meatier, curving in a
full, /sensual/">sensual arc before merging with her smooth, deeply tanned thighs. What amazed me most was that her pussy was shaved absolutely bare! I'd never met a shaved pussy in person before, but hers was simply gorgeous, and my mouth started watering.

The fourth girl, who was down to a sheer bra and bikini panties, had an exotic, slightly Asian look about her. She had slightly olive skin, dark brown hair, and the deepest, darkest eyes I've ever seen. She stood about 5'7", and, like her friends, had long, gorgeous legs, which ran all the way up to a full, creamy ass and broad hips. The thing about her that instantly captured my attention, and held it, was her tits. Although she still wore her bra, it seemed to be begging for mercy as her breasts tried to sneak out around the edges. She was easily 44 inches in the bust, with perfectly symmetric breasts that tipped up invitingly at the nipples. I wondered if Mike would want her for himself, or whether he'd be a sport and let me have her.

The last girl, who was still fully dressed and looking rather petrified, wasn't the most beautiful, but because of my tastes, I found her the most appealing. She was a little redhead (hair braided like the others), barely topping five feet, with an /adorable/">adorable upturned nose and big green eyes. She was wearing a rather shapeless warmup suit, but I could tell I wouldn't be disappointed if she took it off. She clearly wore no bra, and although she wasn't as large as a couple of the other girls, on a girl her size her breasts were nothing short of spectacular. I couldn't see much of her legs or ass, but I got the impression that they packed enough muscle to really set a bed bouncing.

To be fair, I should describe Mike and myself. He's Chinese, with dark hair and eyes, while I'm a rather dark-complected WASP with brown hair and hazel eyes. We're both about 5'10", slim, but in good physical condition; not at all the stereotypical computer dweebs. And of course, considering the scene we were witnessing, we both had good-sized erections hoisting our towels.

For a few seconds, we all just stood there, staring at each other, not saying a word. Then the tallest blonde whispered under her breath, "Shit. We're fucked now." Little did she know how true those words would become! It was time to put our plan into action. "You know," I
said, "you girls could get into a whole lot of trouble for being in
here. Don't try to tell us it was an accident, either."

"Are you going to tell anyone?" the blonde asked, turning her torso so
that her breasts swayed back and forth. The effect was mesmerizing, and
I felt myself stepping toward her, drawn like a snake to a charmer.

"Well, we're pretty ethical guys," Mike said, picking up the plan where
I'd dropped it. "But, since you probably don't make a habit of this
sort of thing, we're willing to let it slide. Provided you give us a
reason to trust you, of course."

As he was saying this, Shaved-Pussy had sat down on a bench immediately in front of him, and had started tugging at his towel. Mike didn't mind, I don't think, but the /girl/asian-girl/">asian girl did. She caught her friend's hand and pulled it away from Mike, and murmured something that sounded like, "Not so fast, Karen. We only get to do this once!" To which Karen replied, "That's right, Sindra. Only once, and I want to get started as soon as possible." At that, Mike and I exchanged glances; we were beginning to get the impression that there was more here than met the eye, if that were at all possible.

Sindra paused for a second, thinking about that, and then seemed to make
up her mind in agreement with Karen. She stepped over the bench and
stood directly in front of me, and raised her hands to the catch of her bra. I held my breath, and then she unclasped it and let it slide back off of her arms. I almost went into shock, but I managed to keep cool. She stepped forward again, so that her small, /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples were brushing against my chest. "I can tell you like my tits," she said, and pulled me down to kiss me on the mouth. "What do you think of my ass?" she asked, bending over and bracing her hands on the bench. "Beautiful," I said, and started running my hand over her ass and thighs. Sensing no resistance, I slipped my fingers inside the waistband of her nearly-transparent panties and slid them down to her ankles, leaving a trail of kisses from her waist across her ass and down to the backs of her knees. She stepped out of her panties, and turned around to face me
again. Of course, I was still kneeling, so I was right at eye-level
with her thickly furred pussy. Not being one to let opportunity pass
by, I quickly slid my tongue across her plump vaginal lips, and gave a quick nibble before standing up. It was her turn to get on her knees, as she pulled my towel off to reveal a throbbing hard-on. She licked her lips quickly and then popped the head of it in her mouth. Now, I don't claim to be huge, but I generally prove to be much more than a mouthful for the girls who've blown me in the past. Sindra surprised me, though, as she easily slid the whole thing down her throat, sending me straight to heaven.

As she slid to her knees, I could see what was going on behind her.
Mike, or one of the girls with him, had pulled the curtains closed at
the end of the aisle (I'd always wondered what those were for), and they had him lying down at the far end of the bench. Karen was straddling his face, and he was eagerly sucking away at her gorgeous bald cunt, while she stroked her breasts and pinched her nipples. The other blonde was kneeling at the end of the bench, leaning over Mike and alternately sucking his cock and rubbing it up and down between her tits. From the way they glistened, I could tell that Mike had already gotten his hungry mouth on those big, stiff nipples. While not nearly as large as Sindra's enormous pair, they were easily large enough to engulf Mike's cock. wwwxxx She wasn't quite as adept in her oral technique as Sindra, and she couldn't deep-throat him, but she was eagerly licking up and down his shaft and slurping his balls in and out of her mouth. Karen was starting to shake, and she turned her head to moan to the other blonde, "Gina, you've gotta feel this! After I come, let's switch places and he can eat your pussy, too!" And without a moment's delay, she began to come. The brunette, who had been standing by and gently stroking herself, quickly stepped in and grabbed Karen, smothering the blonde's
yelps against her own smallish breasts. Before she had finished coming, Karen already had started sucking eagerly at her friend's tits, causing her to join in the general panting and muffled gasps. "Oh, Lauren, thanks," said Karen, "the last thing we need is for someone to hear me screaming in here."

"My pleasure," said Lauren, the brunette. "You know I love the way you suck my tits! Ooh yes, nice and hard, like that! Oh, yeah, use your teeth!"

While this was going on, I looked over in the other direction, where the /sweet/">sweet-faced redhead had withdrawn against one of the lockers. I could see a mixture of fear and desire in her face, with desire quickly gaining the lead. She was staring at Sindra, who was still pumping my cock in and out of her amazing mouth, her equally amazing tits swinging in perfect unison. She finally noticed me looking at her, and quickly looked away, only to find herself staring straight at the fabulous /foursome/">foursome of Mike, Gina, Karen, and Lauren. I couldn't help but grin as she unconsciously started to slide one tiny hand into the waistband of her warmup pants and started delicately fingering herself.

Then I heard Gina say, "Karen, Lauren, can we switch now? If he's that good, you can't be the only one who gets eaten. Lauren, you've gotta try this cock!" The three girls started to arrange themselves, when Mike quickly sat up.

"No offense intended," he said, "but if you don't want me to blow my
load right now, you'd better let me take a breather!" Realizing he was right, I gently pried Sindra's lips off of my prick, which was throbbing and ready to explode.

The girls seemed to agree; I guess they wanted to make this last a
little while, too. We all sat down on the benches, gently fondling each other. I had Gina on my left and Karen on my right, like a matched pair of voluptuous blonde bookends, and I gently slid a finger into Karen's dripping snatch, as she sighed and spread her legs further. It's times like this, I thought, that make me wish I was ambidextrous.

"So," I said, "this obviously wasn't an accident. You mind telling us what you're doing here? I mean, everyone knows Tri-Delts don't put out for *anybody*, and here you are messing with two complete strangers. I mean, everyone's heard the rumors."

"What rumors are those?" asked Gina, dipping toward my hard-on and
giving it a quick slurp.

Mike pulled himself away from Lauren's breasts and said, "You know.
That Tri-Delts have to be virgins to pledge, and stay celibate as long as they're sisters. Some people say you're all lesbians."

A sweet voice from behind me said, "Well, the reason we're here tonight is because it's a pledge prank. This is Hell week for us, and the sisters told us to meet them here for a swim. When they met us out front, they told us we wouldn't be allowed in the women's locker room tonight. I felt pretty smart, since I had my suit under my sweats, but when they found that out, they made me come into the women's locker room and take it off, so I'd have to come in here to put it back on. I guess they weren't planning on really swimming after all." I didn't want to interrupt, for fear that she'd stop talking. Her voice was a perfect fit to her appearance, a barely-hidden aura of powerful sensuality behind a thin veil of innocence. If I don't get a piece of her tonight, I thought, I'll swear off women until I do.

She showed no sign of continuing, until Mike said, "So, what about the rest of it? And what's your name, anyway?"

I heard her move away from the locker, and then she walked around the
end of the bench to stand in front of us all. I kept absently fondling Gina and Karen, but I couldn't take my eyes off the redhead. Even with her clothes on, my dick was straining toward her like a dowsing rod, seeking all her deep, moist places.

She was trying to look at Mike, but I could see that she was trying to watch what we were all doing to each other at the same time. "I'm
Shauna," she said, "and before you ask, of *course* I'm Irish. Now, I really shouldn't tell you any of this, but since you've already promised once to keep quiet, I guess we can trust you. Right?" The other girls nodded, mumbled, and murmured agreement, as best as they could from their current positions. "Well, the rumors aren't completely wrong. We don't have to be virgins, although all new pledges are given a thorough 'oral exam' by the sisters, so we all know who is and who isn't. And we don't have to be celibate, we just can't have sex with anyone outside the sorority. And before you say it, no, we're not *all* lesbians. We're just all real horny, and after too long without a good stiff prick, your sisters can start looking really good. The house is a lot like an all-girl sex-club, and initiations like this are so we can prove that we're hot enough to keep up."

"Yes, except you had to turn into the bashful baby tonight," Sindra
teased. "I guess you'll just have to live with the next four years
knowing what a great helping of cock you missed."

Shauna flushed bright red at that, and said, "Bashful? Would a 'bashful baby' do this?" Suddenly, in three quick movements, she slipped off her sweatpants, pulled off her top, and swung one leg around my waist, so that she was sitting on my lap facing me, my cock squeezed tight against the rose-petal lips of her slit. Strangely enough, the first thing I noticed was that her flush went all the way down her neck and across the tops of her breasts. The second thing I noticed was what amazing breasts they were! As I'd suspected, they weren't as big as Sindra's or Gina's, but a five-foot babe with 36" boobs is a sight to behold, especially when they're so perfectly shaped. Her pussy wasn't shaved, like Karen's, but it had been neatly trimmed, so that no hair would get in my mouth when I ate her. And I was determined that I would. Being as small as she was, when she sat on my lap her face was even with mine, and she crushed her mouth against mine, driving her tongue deep into my mouth. Redheads are supposed to be fiery, but I'd never imagined how strong that passion could be when it was used for sex!

By now she had both of those strong, shapely little legs wrapped tight around my waist, and she was thrusting back and forth, rubbing her clit on the underside of my dick, while she gently caressed the head with one hand. I was struck by the thought that I'd love to have her jerk me off like that: her hand couldn't even fit around my shaft, but with her wet, thrusting pussy helping out, I thought it'd be great to blow a fountain all over her tits. But not yet, not for as long as possible. I could hear her pledge-sisters encouraging her, saying, "Go for it, girl!" and "Pump that man up!" and "Hey, don't finish him right away!" Fortunately, the five minutes rest I'd had while we were talking had allowed me to get myself back under control.

Shauna's attack seemed to have been the bell for round two. Since I was quite busy at the moment, Gina and Sindra pushed Mike back down into his former spot on the bench. Gina, who still hadn't gotten her pussy sucked, swung right into place over his eager mouth. Sindra was apparently the oral fiend of the group, and she quickly settled herself so that she could suck him off as she'd been doing to me. Mike's dick isn't quite as thick as mine, but it's a little longer, and Sindra seemed to take it as a challenge to her "sword-swallowing" abilities. Not one to leave a good hole unfilled, Mike reached out from underneath Gina and rammed three fingers into Sindra's snatch. I don't know how he could keep his concentration, with what the three the wwwxxx of them were doing to each other, but not one of them missed a beat.