Sex in the Country and in the Rain

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Sex in the Country and in the Rain

Last year, I met this woman at the gym where I had started working out several times a week. Her name was Catherine Wells and she and I seemed to hit it off right away. I remember the day, it was just about a year ago in October. She was on the elliptical machine next to mine. We were moaning about wishing we were somewhere else at the time. After we finished our work outs I asked her if she wanted to have a drink with me after we showered and she accepted. Well, the relationship had been mostly that until this past week. I bought a place ’out in the country.’ It was secluded, but not that secluded. It was near woods, but there were well established trails in the woods which could be used for walking, jogging or just enjoying the nature. The house that went with the property was a very cozy three bedroom place with a garage/guest house that was not attached (well, it wasn’t attached on top of the ground, but there was an underground passage that went between the main house and the garage/guest house). After our workout Thursday afternoon, I told her I was going out there for a long weekend Friday morning and asked if she would like to come, either with me or meet me there sometime Friday. I don’t know why I always doubt myself but to my /surprise/">surprise, she accepted.
’I’ll have to meet you there because I won’t be able to get away until early afternoon.’
’That’s fine, Catherine.’
I gave her directions. It was only about 40 miles out of town. We said our good-byes and told each other we were looking forward to the weekend. It was late October and the weather was taking on that crispness that only Fall brings. This was going to be a good weekend. I decided I better do a little shopping as I didn’t think there was much in the way of food or beverage out at the place. I hurried to the supermarket near my regular house as they had a better selection than the little place in the town near my property. I picked up an assortment of meats and fish, veggies, potatoes, rice and, most importantly, some vino. I took the stuff home and put it in the refrigerator for tomorrow’s trip to the country.
I got an early start, well, early considering that I was ’off’ for a few days. I was on the road about 9:30 and got to my house in the country about an hour later. I unpacked the groceries and personal items, gave the house a quick check to make sure everything was clean and tidy for Catherine’s arrival. I even checked the guest quarters in the separate garage/guest house just in case Catherine opted to stay there.
She pulled up a little earlier than I expected, about 12:30. She said she had some things in the car that she needed to bring in.
’Catherine, would you like to stay in the main house’there’s sort of private ’suite’ with it’s own bath and everything, or you could stay in the guest quarters which is upstairs in the separate garage?’ ’It’s connected by an underground passage, so you wouldn’t have to go outside.’
’Tim, of course not, I want to stay in the main house with you. This is going to be a fun weekend, c’mon, help me carry the stuff in.’
She had some clothes in a small bag and some grocery items which we stowed. I didn’t want to seem presumptuous so I carried her personal belongings into the separate ’suite’ in the house.
She suggested we take a run outside after I told her about the trails through the woods. We each retired to our rooms and changed and then met outside to begin a couple of mile run. Now, understand, I’m no marathon runner, I just like getting out for a little exercise and stretching. It was nippy and getting a little cloudy, but we headed off anyway. We didn’t say much as we ran, but it was good being out here with this woman that I found very attractive. She was about 5’6’ tall, short, blond hair and a very pretty face. She was pretty well endowed in the chest region and had what can only be described as a ’/ass/nice-ass/">nice ass.’ We both noticed that it was now totally cloudy and getting darker.
’Maybe we should head back to the house, Catherine, I think maybe we are going to have some rain.’
She agreed and we turned around and ran back towards the house. As we cleared the woods we slowed down to a walk to cool off a bit before going into the house. We were about 100 feet away when we felt the first drops. We picked up our pace and ran up the stairs in the front of the house. Oh, I forgot to mention, there is a really neat porch which runs the entire front of the house and around the side. It’s completely covered above so we stood there for a few moments and watched as the rain became heavier.
I said ’ Well, I’m going in to shower and then I’m going to light a fire, how does that sound?’
’Hey, I like how you think!’ Catherine responded.
Each of us retired to our room/bath to change and shower. I took my shower, dried off and put on a pair of boxers and a sweat shirt. I headed out to the living room which was darkened because of the change in weather. I put some logs which I had piled near the fire place in anticipation of an evening fire and then, after putting some kindling wood and old newspapers underneath, lit the fire. I went into the kitchen and put some water on for some tea and to wait for Catherine to come in from her shower.
’Hey, that fire sure smells good’ she said.
She was standing behind me in the kitchen. She was dressed similar to me, shorts and sweat shirt. I wondered to myself if she had a bra underneath guarding those nice breasts. I brewed us each a cup, offered her sugar and cream and we went in to enjoy the fire.
’If you want, Cath, I can turn on a few lights, personally, though, I just like to enjoy the fire and the rain on days like this.’
’Hey, Tim that’s fine with me. Can I sit next to you, or would that be too forward?’
She kind of laughed at that statement.
’My dear lady, we’ve known each other for the better part of a year, certainly you can sit next to me.’
She did exactly that and she sat much closer than I would have imagined she would want to. Her left leg was right against my right leg. We each held our mugs and sipped quietly for awhile. Catherine leaned forward a bit and put her mug of tea on the coffee table in front of us. She turned toward me and said
’Tim, over the last year I have been really attracted to you and when you asked me out to your country place I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get here. Now that I’m here I really don’t want to waste a moment, but I don’t want to seem like some sort of hussy or something.’
’What are you getting at, Catherine?’
’Tim, now, don’t get mad at me, but I really have this strong desire to kiss you.’
She didn’t wait for me to answer but moved closer to me’hell now she was almost in my lap. She looked at me and, well, I began kissing her. We stopped for that long moment to look at each other and take in what was happening. We then moved our faces back and began a very passionate and deep kiss. She was first to push her tongue into my mouth. She was really warm and she tasted good. As I mentioned, I had a sweat shirt on and she lifted it a bit and began pushing her hands underneath. She was feeling all over my chest and started rubbing softly and sensuously around my nipples. I was getting kind of aroused. You know how it is with a /new/new-girl/">new girl..well, you guys will. I was a little embarrassed at my growing arousal. Catherine must have sensed this because her hands came out from under my shirt.

’Tim, please just take the shirt off.’
I then felt her hands play with the hair on my chest as she kissed me very deeply. She didn’t say anything, but let one of her hands drop to my thigh. I could feel her go up and down the inside of my thighs and finally she was running her fingers over my /erection/">erection, on the outside of my shorts, of course.
’You are hard, Tim, really hard.’

I couldn’t say any thing. I leaned towards her and ran my hand up and down her left leg, putting my fingers on the inside of her thigh. I could feel her warmth. She spread her legs ever so gently so I could let my hands go a bit higher. I discovered that she was naked underneath her shorts. I could feel her pussy hair’it was damp. I took the chance and let my fingers feel a little further. She opened her legs more and I let my fingers go between her lips’feeling the very slippery wetness oozing out from her vagina. I removed my hand and licked my fingers. I said
’Catherine, can I lift your shirt?’
She smiled, but didn’t say a word. I began pulling the sweat shirt up and she lifted her hands, the signal that I should just take it off. Her breasts were beautiful. The were big, but not huge. The nipples were large and fully erect. I resisted the urge to run my fingers over them just yet. I pulled Catherine closer to me and positioned her so that her breasts were against my chest. We just kissed and as we did I ran my fingers up and down the sides of her chest, feeling the curves of those magnificent tits.
’Tim, could we move to your bedroom, I really want to lay down with you and love you.’
’Yes, of course.’

I stood and took her hand. We just left our shirts there and I led the was through the semi dark house milf porn videos to my bedroom in the rear of the house. It was raining hard and you could hear the patter of the drops on blowjob porn videos the roof. We stood at the foot of the bed, but I led her over to the walk-in closet which had a large mirror on it. I wanted to finish undressing her in front of the mirror to completely enjoy her beauty. I stood behind her, now cupping her breasts in my hands and kissing the nape of her neck and I softly rubbed my thumbs and fingers across her stiff nipples. I could hear a gentle breath come out of her. I began feeling her flat tummy as I moved my hands down from her breasts. I put them just below the waistband of her shorts and stopped so I could kiss her again. Then I continued, feeling the beginnings of her soft, pubic covering. As I felt the contours of her vaginal lips I could also feel her lubricating juices seeping out of her. I couldn’t resist and ran my fingers between the lips until I felt her opening. I gently pushed my finger against her vagina and it slid right in’.she told me she really liked that but wanted me to put another part of me in. I eased the shorts over her hips and she kicked them out of the way. Now she turned toward me and without saying anything moved around behind me and began doing the same thing to me that I had done to her. She ran her fingers over my chest and down my belly. Her hands were under my shorts and she was pulling the waist out so she could get them over my erection. She did this with no problem and I let them fall to the floor. She took my organ in her hands and ran one hand up and down and then the other. She turned me to face her and while we were kissing, took the tip of my penis and placed in between her lips, getting the tip of it covered with her lubricants. She then led me over to the bed and she lay down first. I looked at her for a minute and then lay down next to her. We were facing each other. I had my arms around her back and I kissed her softly behind her ears, running my tongue around the outside of her ear. I told her I wanted to pleasure her and eased her on her back. I began kissing the top of her chest and then the back of her arms and finally, I took her left breast and brought my mouth down to caress it, taking her nipple into my mouth and running my tongue around it.
’Timmy, when you do that it sends shock waves right down between my legs.’

I moved to the other breast and then began kissing down her belly until I came to her downy triangle. The color of her bush was the same light blond color as her hair. The top of the triangle was soft and as I neared the place were it was near her pussy lips it was damp and then wet. I could smell the scent of her arousal. I gently parted her vaginal lips and tasted between them. The musky taste of her juices excited me even more than I was, if that was possible. I held the lips apart with my fingers and found her clit at the very top of the vortex where the small lips of her vagina were trying to cover her opening. Her clitoris was swollen and larger than some I’ve seen. I flicked my tongue over it and heard Catherine gasp. I then ran my finger over the opening of her pussy and down to the area between her vagina and /asshole/">asshole and rubbed gently as she gasped. I ran my hand up and down the inside of each thigh, raising her excitement level. Finally, I could stand it no more and ran my tongue between her lips, pushing it into her vagina and tasting the wetness between her legs. She was beginning to arch her back a bit and I knew she was becoming increasingly aroused, still I said nothing but slid one finger into her opening and then another. I curled both fingers and felt along the roof of her vagina for her ’G’ spot. I felt that slightly bulging area about two inches or so into her vagina and pressed gently against it. Her response startled me. Catherine let out what was almost a scream of my name. I continued, this time flicking her clitoris as I pressed against her hot spot with my fingers. I noticed as I did this she was caressing her own nipples with her thumbs. She sort of sat up and began a guttural moan as she laid back down arching her back as if to push her pussy harder against my mouth. She kept begging me not to stop as she continued screaming my name. She was completely out of breath when I felt her pushing me away as if to stop the pleasure/pain I was causing her.

’Oh, Tim, Tim god, no one, I mean no one has ever done that to me’not both ways at the same time’the feeling just keeps surging’I want you to put your penis in me more than ever now’.I want to feel it rub inside and squirt into me’..’
She turned toward me, separating my legs with her leg, resting her very wet vagina on my leg and one breast against my chest as she caught her breath and composed herself. My cock was stiffer than ever and I was loving every minute of this. Finally, when she had calmed down a bit and the super sensitivity that an orgasm causes subsided a bit she said
’Tim, I want you to fuck me with your cock, please’’
I asked her
’Do you want to be on top of me?’
She responded by straddling me. I could see her juices oozing out of her opening as she took my organ and put the tip of it into her vaginal opening. She positioned herself so she could accommodate me entirely and I felt my penis slipping deeply into Catherine. She then pushed her body forward and arched her back so that the base of my organ was pushing up against her clitoris. She began moving a little bit so as to create friction between her clitoris and my penis. She was breathing heavily and I knew another orgasm wasn’t far away. She leaned back and I raised my knees so she could rest her back against them.
’Tim, please touch me, I liked when you did that before.’

As she was leaned back against me knees, I could see myself going into her vagina and I had made quite a large opening. It made me shiver and I eased her lips further apart to expose her clit. I just started teasing it when all the signs of a further /climax/">climax were present including her heavy breathing and finally her gasp and shout of my name. I thrust upward so as to give more stimulation to her pleasure spot. She enjoyed her throbbing orgasm and then lowered herself totally on top of me so that her tits were pressed against my chest.
’Tim, I don’t want this to ever end.’

Before I could say anything, she was sitting up again and her hand reached behind her and she was caressing my balls. I could feel the wetness from inside her dripping down onto her hands and she rubbed then again against my testicles sending a spasm of pleasure through me.
’Tim, don’t move, just let me do this to you.’

I didn’t know exactly what she meant, but in short order I felt her moving her hips in a circular fashion, moving my penis around inside her. Then I felt the unmistakable sensation of her vaginal muscles contracting and pulling my organ deeper inside. It was as though she was massaging it with her hands’like masturbating it’.I was losing control and she could feel this.

’Oh, baby, I want to feel your explosion inside me’I want you to squirt your hot cum all over my insides.’
I couldn’t stop it now’..I had to thrust, it was almost instinctual and my thrusting with her squeezing set off the most exquisite orgasm I have ever experienced. I felt as though my cock would never stop throbbing’.when that sensation right before /ejaculation/">ejaculation started I gasped out loud, which I almost never do’..I knew I was going to start squirting and when I did, the opening of my penis almost hurt because the gizm was coming out of me with such great force’I was that excited. Catherine could feel my penile spasms and squeezed even harder with her muscles. I had grabbed her ass cheeks and was pulling her down as I thrust up. I was out of breath and let myself down on the bed. Catherine lowered herself and was kissing me. I was still extremely hard inside of her vagina.
’Catherine, I’ve never come like that before, why did we now just do this after a whole year’.my god woman, you are stupendous.’
She didn’t speak but laid down so her breasts were smashed against me. I put my hands on her ass and felt underneath. Her juices were oozing out and I could feel that her hole was still stretched wide with the expanded size of my still throbbing organ.
We lay coupled for a long time, listening to the rain on the roof and now hearing thunder as well. Finally, I guess my erection was softening, I felt it slip out of her and she rolled to the side of me. We smiled at each other with that very satisfied feeling that comes after sex. No not just sex, sex with a newfound affection and a newfound lover.

We both dozed for awhile. I guess I was the first to ’come to.’ I looked over at the clock on her bedside table. It was almost 4:30. We had been making love for over two hours and I felt so wonderful I couldn’t believe it. Finally, Catherine woke up.
’Come on Tim, I want to take a shower with you’.my first shower with you.’

We went into the bathroom and I turned on the water. We stood there kissing until the steam was pouring out of the stall. When we got in we embraced and Catherine said
’Tim, I better wash you so you ’ll be clean when we make love before we fall asleep tonight.’
Before I could say anything, she was rubbing an herbal something or other that she had brought with her between her palms. I felt her rubbing it into my chest and then she had taken my cock and began rubbing it. I felt this strange tingle and before I knew it, I was stiff as a board.
’This is an old Indian salve’just enjoy’.’
She rubbed this stuff up and down my shaft and then took my balls in her hand and made sure they were covered as well. It started off as a tingle and then I couldn’t stand it I was becoming so aroused.
’Cath, I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop that’’
Before she said anything I was arching back and I could see my white juice squirting all over her legs’she started rubbing it over her pussy’..and then handed me this bottle of stuff which I began rubbing on her nipples and then her pussy area’she was a screamer’she couldn’t stop cumming. Finally, we were both ’clean.’

We turned the water off and dried each other off. We dressed in shorts and sweat shirts and went out to see what the weather was doing outside. I would never again think of Catherine as just a woman I met at the gym.