Sucking off my best friend

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Sucking off my best friend

My friend john (18 years old) invited me over to his house. It was just me, him and his brother who were in. Me and john went upstairs and xnxxv sunny leone video left his brother craig downstairs to watch TV. John sat at his computer and asked me if i wanted to watch some porn he had downloaded. "sounds good" i said. After a few minutes of watching he asked if it was ok if he could jerk off. I was greatly excited about this- for a long time it had been a of mine to imagine him stroking his . "yeah as long as I can too" i replied- he smiled at this and then took down his pants to reveal his large throbbing member.

He began to stroke his big cock up and down- god, how his large purple helmet tempted me. At this point my own cock was aching to be released from my pants, so i took them off and slid down my boxers and out sprang my 8 inch prick. I sat next to my masturbating friend and I began jerking off while watching porn on the computer. John said i could choose a to watch next, and i looked through the vast collection of downloads. "John, theres one here titled "boys group sex"- why did u download " i asked. "erm.." he was caught out here. "dont worry im not disgusted... in fact i wouldnt mind watching if thats ok" i told him. Without waiting on an answer i started the clip playing.

I began to jerk off again and seeing this, john did so too. I knew this was my chance. Without saying a word i kneeled in front of my friend and took his massive cock in my hand. "Do you mind?" i said. "no!" was his answer. I slowly moved his meat around in my hand and began to jerk him off. precum was dribbling out of his cock by now and i moved my head nearer and licked it off... then i took his whole meat in my mouth and sucked hard. "oooh yeah mmmmm" he liked this. I flicked my tongue over the head of his member (as i had seen in many pornos before) and before long he announced that he was about to cum. Instinct told me to just open up wide and take all that he had- before i knew it, his salty shoot at the back of my throat and dribbled over my lips. I tried to swallow as much as i could but there was so much it went on my chin and lips. "God, ive wanted to do that for so real forced anal against her will long, John." I'm glad u did.

As you may have guessed, ive sucked him off many more times now, and he has sucked me off too. Next thing is to get my cock up his hole.