Rachel The Girl Next Door

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Rachel The Girl Next Door

My name is Drew, I'm 18 and this is the story of how I first met Rachel.

My family had just moved house, a few days after we arrived the neighbours came to welcome us to the neighbourhood. "Hi I'm Peter," said the father, "and this is my wife Laura & my /daughter/">daughter Rachel." Rachel was absolutely stunning, about 5' 7, shoulder length brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, perfect little tits and /gorgeous/">gorgeous long legs. You could see where she got her looks from aswell, her mother was very beatiful, and in great shape for her age.

As my parents talked to Peter & Laura they suggested that I show Rachel the new house, as I showed her around we talked and i found out that she was 18, at high school, she was quite flirty aswell and she insisted on walking in front of me, which was fine by me as i got a great view of her tight little arse.

We got to know each other quite well in the next few weeks, we had a house warming, barbeques and invited her family over. One day i had the day off work so I was just relaxing, watching some TV, when about 3:30 there was a knock at the door. It was Rachel she had got back from school but had lost her key so she couldnt get into her house until her mum got back from work at about 5:00.

There wasn't much on TV so she suggested we watch a DVD, i said okay and started looking through the movies we had. Then Rachel said "No, I've got one". and pulled a disc out of her bag and put it in the machine. bokep sma pecah perawan It started off in a doctors office, after a minute i realised that it was a porn movie. I started to say something to Rachel but she stopped my sentance dead by lifting her skirt putting her hand down he panties and started playing with herself. "Come on Drew, I know you want me, I can tell by the buldge in your pants, so are you going to fuck me or not?" I didn't need another invitation, I leaned over and pulled her top off revealing her tits, I started fondling & kissing them, when I sucked her nipples it sent her wild, she ripped off my shirt and started on my pants as I yanked down her skirt and panties so I could see her /sweet/">sweet old waman xxxgx young snatch. I started kissing around her neck then worked my way down to her breasts, her stomach and then around her thighs. As I flicked her clit with my tongue she started moaning.

She finally manages to yank off my boxers letting my 9 inches spring to attention, I could tell she was surprised by the length. I'm guessing she hadn't seen that many in her life and I daresay this was the largest. As i pushed my cock towards her face she said "I've only sucked a cock once, so I may not be very good." For an amateur she was damn good she licked all up the underside of my shaft then started working on taking as much length as she could into her dainty little mouth. She managed about 6 inches before she started gagging. I pulled out of her mouth and went back to licking her pussy, she kept moaning and thrusting her body towards my face, I started sucking on her clit and she started screaming as she had her first orgasm.

I picked her up and bent her over the lounge and lined my cock up to her cunt and slowly pushed it in. I stopped when I reached the hymen, "You're a virgin?" I asked. "Yes, now please /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard." So I did, I pulled back a bit then thrust as hard as I could. She screamed in pain, but soon it was screams of pleasure. I could feel my cock tightening so i pulled out, spun her around and came all over her face. We went to have a shower to clean up and had her another time.

Let's just say that after that day she seemed to lose her key alot.