The athletic club

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The athletic club
Mitchell stood under the needle like water jets in communal shower at the at the /athletic/">athletic club he had been attending for the past two yearsm, and out of the corner of his eye he could see several other men lathering up their bodies and then rinsing off the suds down the drain. Mitchs penis thickened slightly as he ogled the /large/large-cocks/">large cocks hanging between the thighs of his shower mates, and since this was a /gay/gay-club/">gay club, it was not unusual to see men strolling around with huge erections pointing towards the ceiling! In the world of /gay/gay-men/">gay men, /big/big-cocks/">big cocks were a commodity that demanded special attention, so if a man was well /hung/">hung, he could count on invitations to parties, dinner dates, and all sorts of offers sexual and otherwise to come stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv his way. Ben Olmstead sauntered into the shower and greeted Mitch with a, "How they hangin dude," while turning on a faucet, Ben stood next to Mitch and let the water cascade over his perfectly developed body. "Not /bad/">bad," answered Mitch, "wanna let me wash that for you," he asked Ben while looking at his buddys semi hard pecker? "Yeah, sure, go ahead," responded Ben, "do it for me!!!"

Mitch took a bar of soap into his hands and worked it around until his palms were full of suds, and then after reaching down between Bens legs he found the rapidly thickening penis and began to softly wash and scrub its thick shaft and saucer like head. Ben turned to face Mitch, enabling him to get a better angle on the task at hand, and also giving him a opportunity to give Mitchs cock a little cleaning of its own! Both men sighed as they masturbated each other in full view of the other bathers, oblivious to any and all who were watching, and point of fact, several other men were doing exactly that, while watching the two men jerk each others cocks, they pumped their own erections to cum spurting climaxes! Loud groaning and grunting filled the shower as six or seven men either masturbated themselves or jerked off a nearby buddy. As Mitch and Ben approached their orgasms, they kissed each other deeply, letting their tongues probe into each others mouth, and just before he shot his load, Ben whispered into Mitchs ear, "Take me in your mouth, please suck it for me, I want to feel your lips on my pecker!!!" Mitch moaned and dropped to his knees, until his face was inches from the bobbing thickness that was Bens cock. God it was beautiful, so thick and long, with a huge head, perfect for sucking or /ass/ass-fucking/">ass fucking!!! Mitch opened his mouth and let the warm head pop inside, stretching his jaws almost beyond possibility! "God you suck good," moaned Ben through clenched teeth, "let me /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-your-mouth/">cum in your mouth, you /bitch/fucking-bitch/">fucking bitch!!!" Mitch loved to be called "bitch" when he was sucking, and his own cock spurted onto the tile floor as his mouth was filled with a cum gusher from Bens huge fuck stick, while simultaneously, cocks all over the shower erupted in unison, and the aroma of fresh cum filled the air!

For men sex is a visual experience, and being gay doesnt change that, so it is common place in for the men in the club to "parade" for each other, showing off their erections in a lewd and lascivious manner. While Ben and Mitch sat in front of their lockers dressing, several other members stopped in front of them and offered their dicks for a quick suck, and both men eagerly licked and sucked the hardons like they were ice cream cones! Mitch especially, because at heart he was a born cocksucker who usually sucked at least two cocks a day, sometimes more! He was spending more and more time at the club, with the express intention on sucking off as many men as possible! Mike, the name of the man Mitch was sucking off, had a huge /erection/">erection, probably ten inches long and very thick, so he was a very popular person that Mitch felt honored to suck off! Mike stood calmly with his hands on his hips while smoking a big cigar as Mitch hoovered his big pecker. When ever Mike was hard he always gathered a crowd, and this was no exception, as a group of naked men stood around fisting their own cocks while watching Mike get his massive pecker sucked off. One of the men, leaned against the lockers and moaned, "God it feels good to be gay, just look at all this hard meat!!!" Finally, Mike began to thrust his hips forward, a sure sign that his big erection was about to fill Mitchs mouth with his seed, and just seconds later the room was filled with the sound of groaning men as their penises ejaculated all over the tile floor while Mike erupted like a geyser deep in Mitchs throat, almost gagging him with the flood of semen that jetted from his huge fuck pole!

Mitch thought that Mike was finished with him, but much to his /surprise/">surprise and delight, Mikes cock stood tall and proud as before his orgasm and he sapt, "Okay you little cocksucker turn over and let me fuck you in the ass!!!" Mike hadnt been ass fucked in over a week, and his cock twitched at the thought of having Mikes hardon jamming him from behind! Mike slipped on a rubber, grabbed a finger full of vaseline, lubed Mitchs /hole/fuck-hole/">fuck hole, and then proceeded to ram his thickness all the way in until his balls were slapping Mitchs smooth ass! Mitch groaned as Mike bored in with hard rhythmic thrusts, while the thickness and power in Mikes penis drove Mitch into a sexual frenzy!!! Using both hands to steady himself from the brutal assault, Mitchs pecker was strained to the limit, and in a convulsive reflex action, it unloaded a huge spurting fountain of cum into the air, unaided by a touch of any kind!!! Mike, upon hearing Mitch ejaculate, filled his condom with another load of sperm, moaning as if in pain as the latex balloon was filled to the limit!!!

Now covered and filled with cum, Mitch struggled back to the shower to white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie clean up one more time. As he was getting ready to leave the shower room, another hardon appeared next to him and a soft voice asked, "Could I bother you for a suck!?!" Back on his knees, Mitch was right at home!!!